How to change Default Homepage of Mozilla Firefox [with Video]

How to change the Default Homepage of Mozilla Firefox?

This post is a short tutorial describing on how to change the default homepage of Mozilla Firefox internet browser. You might have seen that when you start the Mozilla Firefox internet browser, it shows up the default Google search page with its own background on it. If you want to change that default homepage but do not know how to that, then this post is for you, read on for the detailed process.

You can change the default homepage of Firefox in 2 ways:

  1. By manually writing the address of the webpage in the homepage address
  2. By going to the webpage and then setting the homepage as the ‘current page’.

Let us do it in both the ways:

First of all using the manual way:

  1. Go to Firefox icon on the browser window on its top left corner.
  2. Click on it so that a drop down menu will appear.
  3. Locate one button called ‘options’. Click on the it to make the options dialog box open.
  4. Now click on the first tab on the dialogue box that is ‘General’ Tab.
  5. Now locate the second option in the general tab called ‘Home page’.
  6. Click beside the ‘Home page’ option on the space provided. Alternatively you can do so by pressing ‘Alt+P’ from your keyboard.
  7. Now enter the address of the website or webpage that you want to make as your homepage.
  8. Now click ‘OK’ and you are done.

You can also do that using the second way:

  1. Go to the webpage or website by typing the address on the address bar of Mozilla Firefox or otherwise you can also visit there using the Search
  2. Now repeat the step 1 to 5 from the manual method.
  3. When you locate the ‘Home Page’ options, click on the ‘Use Current Pages’ button which is located below the provided space
  4. The space provided will be automatically filled by the current webpage address.
  5. Now click OK and you are done.

You can watch the video embedded below in which we have taken www.google.com as the website to be made as Homepage of Mozilla Firefox Browser.

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