Touch Mouse by Microsoft India – Features and Review

New Touch Mouse by Microsoft India – Features and Review.

Recently the Computer Hardware and Software giant Microsoft has launched a brand new innovative model of mouse in India at Bangalore. Well this is not an another older mouse, but it is a touch mouse, which enables the users to navigate through the computer much faster as compared to earlier conventional mouse
models. And moreover its handling is much easier even for a beginner computer user, since it can be operated with the flick of the fingers. Let’s have a quick look on its features of this Touch Oriented Mouse.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Well as announced by the company officials, the touch mouse of Microsoft makes the everyday task more fluid and intuitive, the reason behind this statement is that this mouse uses natural gestures rather than clicks as was used in conventional mouse.

The Touch Mouse has been made specifically for Computers based on Windows 7 operating system. This mouse combines the operations and functions of the conventional mouse and the multi touch gestures of any normal human being. Using this touch mouse, you will be able to point in the screen, click on any object, flicker through images and files, scroll through the windows explorer, pan, tilt and swipe on the Windows 7 operating system very easily with the help of your finger flicks.

According to Mr Satish Parreddi, Senior Manager, Microsoft Hardware India, this touch mouse operates on the innovative Blue Track Technology and its unique design has been developed by the Microsoft’s R & D team. The touch mouse is smooth and unobstructed in its movement and multi gesture function.

Well talking about its price, Touch Mouse have been launched at a price tag of Rs 3,999 which not so costly when the involved innovative technology is seen. As per the market conditions, after a few months, its price may go down since in electronics, everyday an innovative product is launched.

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