Now Free Roaming as per new Telecom Policy 2011

Now Zero Roaming charges under One India One Circle - Telecom Policy 2011.

The new draft for telecom policy 2011 for India is all set to be released next week by HRD Minister Mr Kapil Sibal. On one hand it is proposed that the new telecom policy will do all sort of revisions in its previous policies to satisfy the customers to its maximum extent while on the other hand it is for sure that the
telecom operator will perish to stay in the competition in the telecom sector in spite of growing pressure on the profit margin.

As per the draft of new telecom policy, one of the most important amendments that is to be proposed is to consider whole India as One telecom circle and to abolish the roaming charges while on any of the 22 telecom circle in India. As per the current system, when a mobile user goes out of his or her home network then the customer is charged as per the roaming tariff plan of the respective mobile network provider, which is quite higher than the usual standard tariff in home network. The roaming charges system affects a lot to the frequent travellers, especially to those who travel for business or profession related work.

But as per the new system, whole India will be considered as one network and the call rates will be levied as per the standard rate irrespective of the place you are calling from. Moreover the customers will not be charged for receiving incoming calls while on other network.

Though this policy will be of great help for the customers but the telecom operators will welcome this policy with stiff resistance since the roaming charges system contributes around Rs 13,000 crores to the revenue of the telecom sector companies which is roughly 10% of the total revenue which is quite a big share.

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