Top 20 Brands of India 2011 | Brand Equity Survey

Top 20 Brands of India 2011 | Brand Equity Survey.

Few months back I had posted the list of Top 10 Brands of India under the Brand Equity Survey for the Year 2010, now the list of top brands of India for 2011 has been released by the Economics Times. So here is the list of Top 20 brands of India ranked by Brand Equity Survey 2011.

Rank 1: Colgate
Colgate is the leading Toothpaste brand which is marketed by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. Colgate tops the list of top brands only because of its vast reach within the market which is ensured by keeping close contacts with each and every retail shop outlet and local wholesalers.

Rank 2: Lux
Lux comprises of soap, shower gels, after bath cream and hair care products like shampoos, hair conditioners and treatments which is marketed under one brand name called Lux. This brand is owned by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Rank 3: Airtel
The third rank goes to the leading telecom operator in the private sector focussing mainly on mobile communication. This brand belongs to Bharti Airtel and currently this company is focussed towards rural areas which can be easily concluded looking on the fact that Airtel has created around 50000 service centres in the rural areas of India.

Rank 4: Lifebouy
Lifebouy is the leading soap brand just after Lux and comes first in the medical soap category. Lifebouy had invested a lot on building a strong brand reputation by running numerous campaigns throughout the country to spread awareness about health.

Rank 5: Nokia
Nokia under the tagline of ‘Connecting People’ has slipped to the lowest ranks of 3 years and had lost major market share in the mobile handset market to other brands like Apple, Samsung mainly due to the increasing popularity of iOS and Android and had lost one major share to the small brands due to its late act in launching of multiple sim handsets.

The other brands include
  • Rank 6: Dettol
  • Rank 7: Brittania
  • Rank 8: Vodafone
  • Rank 9: Maggi
  • Rank 10: Closeup
  • Rank 11: Coca-Cola
  • Rank 12: Fair & Lovely
  • Rank 13: Tata Salt
  • Rank 14: Clinic Plus
  • Rank 15: Sunsilk
  • Rank 16: Thums Up
  • Rank 17: Vicks
  • Rank 18: Pond's
  • Rank 19: Mirinda
  • Rank 20: Bournvita

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