World’s cheapest tablet PC ‘Aakash’ at $60 (Rs 2999) | Review

World’s cheapest tablet PC ‘Aakash’ at $60 (Rs 2999) | Review

The most awaited and the world’s cheapest tablet PC which is nicknamed as ‘Aakash’ has been released today and will be available in retail store at $60 (Rs 2999) within a month’s time. The device is manufactured
and marketed by a company Datawind. As per the company the tablet will be available in 2 versions, one commercial version and other non-commercial.

The non-commercial version will be available at $35 as was declared a month back. The non-commercial version will be supplied to government for enhancement of IT revolution in India. The actual price of the tablet is a bit higher than $35 but it will be subsidised by the funds from Government. On the other hand the commercial version of the tablet is integrated with an inbuilt cellular modem and a SIM card to provide internet access to the user which is not present in the non-commercial $35 device.

Minister Kapil Sibal launching 'Aakash' world's cheapest tablet

As per the company the tablet ‘aakash’ will run on Google’s Android Operating System with wifi internet connectivity for access to internet and cloud storage. ‘Aakash’ tablet PC will be having a memory of 256 MB RAM with storage memory of 32 GB supported via memory card slot. This device also contains 2 USB port for data transfer.

As per the company Datawind, the non-commercial version of ‘Aakash’ which is priced at $35 includes sales tax and warranty for replacement. The company is expecting a good margin especially from the non-commercial version because since it will be supplied to the government so the volume of sales is expected to be higher than those of the commercial version.

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