How to set more than one homepage for Mozilla Firefox

How to set more than one homepage for Mozilla Firefox?

In one of my previous post I wrote, how to change the default homepage of Mozilla Firefox internet browser. But sometimes, you may feel the need that there should be 2 or more homepages for quick viewing of your favourite websites, as if suppose you may like to open both of your yahoo mail and Google’s Gmail account simultaneously whenever you start your browser. For this reason you may feel the need to set up more than one homepage so that the website automatically loads whenever you start your internet browser.

In this post, I shall describe on how to set more than one home page for the Firefox browser. You can accomplish the above mentioned task by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Start the internet browser, as per this post, start the Firefox browser.
  2. Open all the webpage simultaneously within the tabs that you want to be made as your homepage.
  3. Now go to the orange coloured drop down menu on the top left corner of the browser.
  4. Click on the drop down menu and select ‘options’ which will open dialog box where you can make all changes in the settings of Mozilla.
  5. Now select the first tab titled as ‘General’ tab.
  6. On the general tab, you can find the second settings as ‘Home Page’. Here below the space provided for entering the website URLs, you can find the first button as ‘Use current Page’.
  7. Click on that ‘Use Current Page’ button.
  8. Now to save the settings, click on the OK button.

Mozilla Firefox Options dialog box

Now your home page has been setup, you can check by clicking on the home button, which is just beside the address bar.

If you find any difficulty in doing this, then you can comment below, and do not forget to share this if you liked my article.

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