How to insert programs or HTML codes in Blogger posts without encoding them

How to write or insert programs or HTML codes in Blogger posts without encoding them?

If you are a blogger and use Google’s blogger platform for blogging then you might have observed that if you try to insert or write any code such as html code or any other JavaScript based codes then while you post them and view those posts in your browser, then you will find nothing in the place where you had written the HTML codes. Even if you go back to edit that particular post, then also you will find nothing, not even any excerpt of the code that you had inserted earlier.

But for many HTML or JavaScript programming related blogs, it is necessary to show the HTML or JavaScript codes in their posts. So the question arises is how to implement this. Well the answer is much simpler than the question itself.

You can insert the HTML codes within the blogger posts in two ways. Let me describe each of them one by one:

First way:

While posting the content with programs or codes, you can disable the option of ‘interpret typed HTML’ within the sidebar of the posting window. Then you can insert or paste your code and then publish your article. You can check by viewing it in your browser that none of the code disappears from the post.

But this method has some problems within it if you are using it in somewhat advanced way. If suppose you are using this option and you post contains some HTML codes that you want to be interpreted using the bloggers automated system and you also have some codes that you want to be shown while viewing it in the web browser. Then if the ‘interpret typed HTML’ option is enabled then none of your code will be shown in the post while viewing in the web browser , that is all codes will be encoded automatically otherwise if the option is disabled then the unnecessary codes will also be shown to the readers.

So better we can use the simplest second way, so read on...

Second Way

The second way is to go to the HTML code encoding site at SimpleCode . Now at that website, paste your HTML or JavaScript based code that is to be shown in the blogger post. After pasting your code, just click process. It will generate the processed code that you can just copy and paste into you blog post editor. Using this tool you can also look at the preview of the codes, on how it will look after you publish your article containing the programs.

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