Renewable and Non-renewable resources of energy – Introduction

Renewable and Non-renewable resources of energy – Introduction.

Electrical energy is one of the necessary components of our life. Now a day, without electricity, we can’t sustain in this world of technology. So the energy sources are classified under 2 heads based on the availability of the raw material used while generation of energy.

So based on availability, there are 2 types of resources of energy:

  1. Non-renewable energy sources
  2. Renewable energy sources

First of all let us discuss about the non-renewable energy sources. As the name suggests, the sources of energy which cannot be renewed or re-used are called non-renewable energy sources. Basically these are the energy source which gets or will get exhausted in future. Some of the examples of this kind of resources are coal, oil, gas, nuclear energy, etc.

Secondly, talking about the renewable energy sources, these are the kind of energy source which can be renewed or reused again and again. These kinds of materials do not exhaust or literally speaking these are available in abundant or infinite quantity. Example for this kind includes
  1. Solar energy
  2. Wind energy
  3. Tidal energy
  4. Geothermal energy
  5. Biomass energy

Sometimes renewable sources are also called non-conventional sources of energy since, these kinds of materials or these ways of energy production were not used earlier or conventionally these were not practised to a certain extent. Similarly the other one non-renewable source are also called conventional energy source since these ways have been in practice for many years.

But an exception is there, when classification is done on the basis of convention, then nuclear energy will be categorised under non-conventional sources (but cannot be called as renewable energy source). This is because nuclear energy has been put in practice in recent years, so it is not categorised under conventional sources of energy.


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  3. Anonymous1/06/2012

    why is nuclear energy an exception

  4. its not an exception. actually convention & non-conventional and renewable and non-renewable are always confused to be related to each other. but that is not true so people get confused when it comes to nuclear energy

  5. Nice article. Thanks for the info

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    is conventional source of energy non renewable

    1. majority of conventional sources are non-renewable.

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