Filter Design and Analysis in MATLAB using Graphical Interface

Filter Design and Analysis in MATLAB using User friendly Graphical Interface.

Usually while designing a digital filter either IIR or FIR filters in Matlab, you might have used simulink for the realisation of the filters using the transfer function. Ever thought that Matlab also contain an inbuilt user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for designing digital filters which can be used even by a person who is unknown to Matlab commands and environment.

In this post I am going to tell you about the FDA tools of MATLAB. FDA tool stands for Filter Design and Analysis tool.

You can open this window using the following command in the command window of MATLAB:


After you type this command, a graphical user interface will appear wherein you can set the specifications of your filter. The window which appears is shown in the given image:

FDA tool user interface in MATLAB

In this window, using the ‘response type’ block, you can select the response type from the following available responses like:

  1. Lowpass
  2. Highpass
  3. Bandpass
  4. Bandstop
  5. And few other available response type from the drop down menu
From the ‘Design Method’ block you can select the design type as IIR or FIR filters and their subtypes.

In the other given blocks, you can set the order of the filter, frequency and magnitude specifications of the filter.

After you have entered or selected the required specifications, you can click on the lowermost button with name ‘Design Filter’.

The filter will be designed and the response curve will be shown. You can also select which kind of response you want to analyse, using the following path:

Menu > Analysis > (type of response)

Some of the type of response available are magnitude response, phase response, phase delay etc. You can see the complete list of the types of analysis available in the image given below.
Types of Analysis available in fda tool of Matlab

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