Introduction to Stepper Motor and Its type (Seminar PPT)

Introduction to Stepper Motor and Its type (Seminar PPT).

In this post I want to share with you a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of stepper motor. This presentation was presented by me during one of my seminar on stepper motors(SM).

Basically this presentation contains pictorial representation of the types of stepper motor depicting their constructional details and some of its applications. I have tried not to include any theoretical details in the presentation so as to make presentation least boring and just explained the theory of operation during the seminar using oral presentation.

Basically the SM is an incremental motion motor. Unlike the other motors, its rotation is not continuous but in steps for each input current pulse received.

These kinds of motors are generally used for open loop position control which requires very low speed but high precision rotation. Most interesting thing about this motor which makes it different from other kinds of motor is its rotor which does not contain any windings and commutator.

The important types of stepper motor are:

  1. Variable reluctance type
  2. Permanent magnet type
  3. Hybrid type

Variable reluctance type SM can be operated using 4 modes which are:
  1. 1 Phase ON (Full step operation)
  2. 2 Phase ON
  3. Half step operation
  4. Microstepping

Some of the applications of SM in commercial, medical and military purpose include blending, metering, cutting, purging, mixing etc.

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