Simple Counter using 7 segment LED with 8051 microcontroller

Hello friends, Welcome back! In this post, I want to share with you a simple experiment that I did today. Basically this experiment uses the concept of interfacing of 7 segment LED with 8051 microcontroller. A simple counter has been made using 8051, which will display numbers from ‘0’ to ‘9’, one by one with a delay of few seconds.

The connections made in this circuit are shown in the block diagram:

Simple counter using 7 segmenet LED and 8051: Block Diagram

Please note that the 7 segment LED is connected in common anode mode, that means all 7 anodes of leds are connected together and should be connected to +5V and a particular LED will turn on when ‘Ground’ is applied to its terminal, which in this case is done using microcontroller.

The assembly language program for this experiment is given below:

;seven segment led
;Programmed by: Amit Biswal
org 0000h
;pin connections:
;pin 0.6=a
;pin 0.5=b
;pin 0.4=c
;pin 0.3=d
;pin 0.2=e
;pin 0.1=f
;pin 0.0=g
mov p0,#10000001b ; displaying 0
acall delay
mov p0,#11001111b ; displaying 1
acall delay
mov p0,#10010010b ; displaying 2
acall delay
mov p0,#10000110b ; displaying 3
acall delay
mov p0,#11001100b ; displaying 4
acall delay
mov p0,#10100100b ; displaying 5
acall delay
mov p0,#10100000b ; displaying 6
acall delay
mov p0,#10001111b ; displaying 7
acall delay
mov p0,#10000000b ; displaying 8
acall delay
mov p0,#10000100b ; displaying 9
acall delay
sjmp repeat
mov r3,#010h
l3:mov r2,#0ffh
l2:mov r1,#0ffh
l1:djnz r1,l1
djnz r2,l2
djnz r3,l3

The program is self explanatory and is well commented. If you find any difficulty with this, then do comment below.

You can also watch the demo of this experiment in the youtube video embedded below:


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