Why this Blog?

I started this blog more than a decade ago. During those days I just wanted to feel the thrill of having a blog or a website. Once I joined  Engineering studies, I started posting my everyday learning with respect to my engineering education, slowly my interests grew towards the broader technology associated with engineering and thus led me to learn and share about Technology and its associated Business. Having been working in the IT Industry, I love exploring stuffs related to Business and love analyzing the various happenings in the Business World. I have created this blog in order to pen down my thoughts and keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the Industry.

Why the name "Speaking Technology"?

Well this blog logs my adventures with "Technology" and I speak (technically I write) about them here, so I kept the name of my blog as "Speaking Technology". Please note that, this blog do not have any relationship with "Times of India's Speaking Tree" which is a spiritual networking website.

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  2. If I send you an email from my personal address, leave a comment on your blog, subscribe to your YouTube videos, honk at you on the highway, or otherwise communicate with you as an everyday human being, please remember these all express views that are mine alone and not those of my educational institute or past/current/future employer.
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