How To See Hidden Files And Folders In Windows

How To See Hidden Files And Folders In Windows.

Many a times, in our own computers, we tend to hide some information in the form of files and folders which are private to us. Now wondering on we can hide a file or folder, then how to see the hidden files and folders. So to see the hidden files and folders in Windows operating system, follow these steps.

1.    Open the folder in which the folder of file is kept.
2.    Locate the top left portion of the windows.
3.    In older version of windows, you will find a list of menu bars ranging from File menu, edit menu and so on.

4.    Click on the “Tools menu”. A drop down menu will appear.

5.    Click on the “Folder option button”
6.    Alternatively in Window Vista or higher version, you can simply click on “Organise tab” and then click on “Folder and Search Options”

7.    For both the cases the “Folder and Search option” window will appear. Click on the “view tab”

8.    Select the “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” radio button. Click “Apply” and then “Ok”
9.    Now the hidden file will be visible in the folder.

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