LG Double Play with Twin Screen – Features and Review

LG Double Play with Twin Screen – Features and Review.

LG Electronics along with T-Mobile has reportedly announced the release of its latest smartphone which is specially featured on QWERTY keypads. So let’s look around LG Double Play for a short description of its features and specification and at the last reviews.

Well as early mentioned this smartphone LG Double Play is featuring its high end QWERTY keyboard. So if you were considering buying blackberry smartphones due the presence of QWERTY keypads in those smartphone, then you can resist yourself and take a look at this LG Double Play. Not only QWERTY keypad but this offers the user with usual touch screen too and in addition to that there is another sub-touch screen of 2 inch which is present in between the keypads layout of this device.

LG Double Play with twin screen

Talking about the system configuration of this smartphone, It consists of a 1 GHz single core processor which is quite good when its speed is considered with respect to the last smartphone which we discussed in previous post which had 800 MHz processor. This device will run on Android platform of version 2.3 Gingerbread.

Talking about its connectivity specification, as per the news and discussions, reportedly LG Double Play supports 4G, HSPA+. And moreover as similar to many of the LG smartphones, this device will also use LG Group Text and LG Cloud Text and cross platform chat which will be basically used for communication between LG tablets and this LG smartphone.

Talking about its media features and capability, this smartphone consists of a 3.5 inch touch screen and also a 2 inch sub screen as said earlier. It consists of a 5 Megapixel Camera which is rear facing which means no video chat though it’s  4 G supported smartphone. For video recording this device is capable of providing 720 pixel video recording.

As discussed within some of the news rooms, one nice feature of this device is that it contains specifically customized software which makes it possible for this smartphone to use both of its screens to use for 2 applications either simultaneously or independently.

Well the exact date of release of this device into the market and its price is yet to be announced by the T-Mobile company.

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