Orcad Capture Library for HC Series Bluetooth Modules

Hello Friends!
While working on PCB Designs with various softwares like Orcad, Altium, Eagle and few other open source software, you might have found that some of the components which you need are not available in the PCB design software.

Actually, with increase in the number of electronic components being manufactured all over the world every minute, it becomes difficult for the PCB design software company to update their component library database.

Thus when we want to use a component which is not present inside the software, then we are supposed to create our own component library along with footprint library by looking at the datasheets of the electronic component manufacturer.

In this post, I want to share with you Bluetooth library for HC series Bluetooth module prepared for Orcad Capture Software.

HC-05 Component in OrCad Capture

You can download the library (.olb file) from this LINK.

Currently I am sharing Capture Library only. Footprint library will be updated soon.

In this post, I am sharing the Orcad Library consisting only of HC-05 Bluetooth Module. Gradually this library will be updated and will be populated with other HC Series Bluetooth Module.

Along with this post, I want to start a Orcad capture library bank for various other electronic components. This place will be used to share other component libraries as per the requests made by users.

Thanks! Your Component Requests and Feedback are welcomed.

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