Soon Bookmyshow to offer tickets on credit

Did you ever ran out of money at the end of the month and still felt like going for a movie?

Yes? What did you do then?

Well in these situation, you are left only with 3 options: Either Beg, Borrow or Steal!

Haha Just Kidding :)

As per an article in The Indian Express, Recently Ashish Hemrajani, Co-founder of Bookmyshow, the online ticketing platform has revealed about this upcoming feature at Connect 2016, an app developers conference in Beijing. The company plans to allow users to buy tickets on credit. The users can pay back the amount within 30 days. During this duration the user won’t be allowed to book any more tickets without clearing the pending amount.

BookmyShow - Online Movies & Event Ticketing Platform

Bookmyshow team is working towards developing an algorithm which will determine the credit worthiness or technically called the “Credit Score” of the user. This credit score would be used to determine, whether the user is eligible for buying tickets on credit or not. The company plans to use various factors for determining the credit score, one of which include social connections on Facebook & Twitter.

This feature is expected to be rolled out within 30-60 days and would be released for users in selected cities for pilot trial before rolling out for all locations.

Currently it’s estimated that only 20 million people in India possess a credit card and further those who are equipped with those are reluctant to perform internet based transactions. This feature would also help Bookmyshow tap the above kind of user base.

So next time you see yourself able to book ticket without payment, don’t be shocked… :)

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