Holographic Visuals at Live Concerts - Soon to be Reality

Soon, the scenes which you might have seen in movies like Iron Man, wherein the actors navigate through 3D visuals appearing in front of them in space would become a reality.  While going through today's newspaper, I came across a startup which is working on developing Hologram Technology as you might have seen in many Hollywood movies.

Holographic Visuals from the movie "Iron Man"

Light Field Lab, a startup working on this technology is all set to rock the stage once it launches its holographic technology which it aims to leverage in concerts & live shows. 

Light Field Lab Hologram Technology

Currently it is working on a smaller prototype like displaying “A Shark emerging from the screen”. But once it comes up with a refined and commercial version of the technology which it expects to launch by 2020, it might disrupt the much hyped and promising Augmented Reality market.

In order to fund its quest to redefine the Visual Experience of Live Concerts and Shows, it has already raised $7 Million via a seed fund round led by Sherpa Ventures and Khosla Ventures. The amazing thing is that the funding round was oversubscribed due to the promise this technology holds and the founding team which comprises of experts from Optics & Holographic technologies.

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