Forget Firework Shows - Drone Light Show is the new Black

Few years back, as a Hobby Electronics enthusiast, I used to try experimenting by creating various lighting patterns using my LED Cube which used to look something like this:

LED Cube

Now when I look at the present developments in Embedded Electronics & related development, I realize,
Drones are all set to replace this with its amazingly new Drone Light Show right up in the air. Forget the Fireworks based entertainment you used to experience during high tech event inaugurations and valedictory functions. Time for Drone Light show has arrived which is all set to mesmerize you by making wonderful 3D animations over the air.

These are some of the glimpses of Intel's Drone Light show rehearsal done for Winter Olympics 2018 opening ceremony. This rehearsal was done using 1200+ drones flying over the skies of PyeongChang, South Korea.

Snowboarding 3D pattern using Drones

Olympic Flag pattern drawn using Drones

Check out the Youtube video of the Intel's Drone Show project to watch the amazing swarm of 1200+ drones in action.

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