Google's AI Powered Lion which can roar Poems

Google has established an AI powered Lion statue at the Trafalgar Square as part of London Design Festival in London.

Trafalgar Square had 4 bronze Lion statues siting there since 1867. Now a bright red AI powered Lion would be joining them as the 5th member at the square.

This Bright red Lion has something special about its powers as empowered by designer Es Devlin who is known for his projection mapped sculptures using Light, Music and Technology and Ross Godwin, Machine Learning expert at Google Arts & Culture. Motivated by the history of Trafalgar square which is the meeting point of East & West London which is a place where voices are heard, they decided to empower the Lion to listen and absorb voices.

Titled as "Feed the Lion", This statue prompts the crowd around to feed the Lion with a word which it can listen and then the Lion roars out a Poem which contains one word fed by the people around. The statue can do so with the help of machine learning algorithm which has trained it with tens of millions of words of 19th century poetry.

In recent past years, Research has been going on around developing original piece of artwork using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This is one of the finest work in this area. Do let me know your thoughts on this.

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