Uber considering India for its Aerial Taxi service

Uber on Saturday announced that it presented its futuristic aerial taxi service to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Christened as Uber Elevate, Uber's aerial taxi service is searching for international location to start its service and is in process of considering India as one of the option for the same.

Uber had previously announced Dallas and Los Angeles as the first 2 launch location for its service. Apart from these two, it is considering a 3rd International location.

Uber Executive Eric AllisonĀ presented to Narendra Modi on how Uber with its multi modal mobility platform could help contribute in advancing India's economy and at the same time curb pollutionĀ and congestion.

Uber is looking forward for 6 months to decide the location in which it would try to launch its service. Its decision is subject to regulatory provisions of the location and local support for the service. It would also look at the size of the market and other enabling conditions. It has made it clear that it is considering either of Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore for launching its service in India.

Uber is looking forward for a 5 year launch horizon. It plans to operate demonstrator flights in 2020 and would begin commercial operations by 2023.

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