How Mobile Internet transformed in India over a Decade

I wish all my readers a very happy new year 2020. With 2020, It's almost a decade for this blog since I started blogging in and around Dec 2009 and started gaining momentum only during 2010.

During this decade a long transition happened in Indian Telecom Industry. 

During 2009-10, GPRS was the commonly used mobile network which was popularly known as 2G or 2.5G. Those days it used to run at an average speed of 35 kbps.

Even though Airtel had launched 3G services in 2008, it took a long while for that to be implemented across India for wider consumption by Indian netizens. During those days, 3G provided a maximum speed of 3.1 mbps.

Later in 2012, Airtel officially launched 4G services which boasted of speeds upto 21mbps though I was not privileged enough to experience those speeds and till those times many Indian netizens including me was on 2G that too while using dongle. I took a Vodafone dongle which was 3G but network infrastructure those days could only give GPRS speeds.

Emergence of 5G
Finally with the recent upcoming 5G trials and expected auctions are expected to open up a world of new opportunities. With 5G expectations, your device would be able to transmit data at the rate of 10 gigabits per second. This would translate to 5G (if providing 10gbps speed) to be approx 500 times faster than 4G speed (in India at 20mbps).

I am excited to witness this new technology transformation! Aren't you?

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