Apple India closes its 4 sales office due to Corona Virus pandemic situation

In view of growing pandemic situation due to COVID-19 commonly known as Novel Corona Virus, Apple India has decided to shut down its sales offices in India until further notice.

The Global Mobile devices giant and iPhone maker has 4 sales office in India primarily at Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon and Mumbai. As per recent news and industry experts, Apple India has plans to work out ways so that more than 5000 of its employees can plan for working from home in view of the growing pandemic situation due to nCorona virus.

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Recently the count of Corona virus Positive tested cases has crossed 100 patients in India. This has created a panic situation among public and respective local government is taking appropriate action by engaging their Medical Departments. 

Earlier during last week, many IT companies had advised their employees to work from home and stay safe. However many companies are not prepared enough with their Business Continuity Plan with their VPN servers going frequently down down to increased connections from outside their office network. However the companies are working out to scale up their IT Infrastructures to be able to support work from home options to safeguard their employees and ensure minimal business disruption.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has also issued Global advisory mentioning that all of their offices outside China are moving towards flexible work arrangement, meaning wherever possible, team members would be working from home wherever their job allows them to do so. Wherever they are required to remain on the job site, they are advised to follow the issued protocol of maintaining safe interpersonal distance and follow all prevention protocols. 

Apple India offices are also ensuring frequent Deep Cleaning and disinfection of their office premises as a health security measure. They are also going to introduce health screening and temperature check up at their office locations.

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