Microsoft Bing launches live Corona Virus tracker

Meanwhile when Trump announced that Verily, a Google Alphabet's subsidiary startup would be working on a Live Corona Virus update tracker, Microsoft Bing has launched its own Live COVID-19 corona virus tracker.

It is open to all public users and does not require any login.

You can access it at https://www.bing.com/covid .

The portal displays live status of the total corona virus cases and its distribution across various countries. It also gives breakup of the cases under the header as number of active cases, number of recovered cases and number of fatalities due to the virus.

The status of data feed is also latest since the portal displays the last updated timing on the portal and it appears to be tracked and well updated every 5 minutes. The feeds are updated based on the live data provided by WHO, CDC, ECDC and Wikipedia.

Microsoft Bing Live Corona Virus tracker

Additionally the portal also provides related news for each of the region if you click over the map so that users can stay updated of the latest happenings on the pandemic situation within their region.

At the moment, the metrics says there have been 182,441 total cases reported worldwide with 96,697 active cases at the moment. In India, it is fairly under decent control, though lot more precautions need to be observed to contain the virus with 114 total cases reported with 99 active cases at the time of posting this blog.

Stay Safe!

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