Drones supporting lifeline during COVID-19 pandemic

Hey friends, Hope you are safe and taking care of your health in these tough times when the globe is fighting with COVID-19 corona virus pandemic situation.

In these times of pandemic situation, where many regions are following lock-down policies as per the law imposed by regional governments, Aerial drones are acting as a boon in recent scenarios. 

Few startups who were working earlier in drone development technologies had found difficulty finding more use cases apart from delivery and they had not found much success in those use cases due to restrictions imposed by respective regional governments considering the risk of flying unmanned aerial drones without any licensing mechanism in place.

Drone with medical supply. Picture credits - TechWireAsia
However, the current pandemic situation has brought a new use case for them to discover and apply this technology. Few startups in India like Marut drones, FlytBase, GarudaUAV have come up with new use cases where they are helping local authorities in these tough pandemic situations.

Drones are being tested for carrying disinfectant liquids and spraying in suspected infected areas. With the use of drones, risk on health workers are reduced since drones would be a contactless medium. Developers have claimed that drones can disinfect 50 times more area than traditional methods and that too by ensuring safety of human health workers.

Countries like Spain and France have also used drones fitted with loudspeaker to make public announcement about corona virus awareness and explaining the ways to prevent spreading it.

A couple of them are also testing the possibilities of implementing temperature detection mechanisms to screen possible patients of the disease. This is because, many humans are involved in doing temperature screening and they stand at the risk of contracting the virus.

Apart from these, drones are helping the authorities in aerial transportation of essential supplies like medicines and health kits to the infected area.

Startups are also helping the local police administration to do patrolling activities using drones to ensure lock-down laws are well respected and people stay safe within their homes instead of unnecessary roaming outside. With this they are monitoring vehicular traffic in public places.

If you are an Engineer working on drone related development projects, do let us know and help save the world. 

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