Ride sharing App Lyft starts On-demand Delivery service

With Corona virus pandemic causing mayhem to several businesses around the Globe, Many affected businesses have pivoted to do some associated business to keep the revenue inflow intact. Recently the well known Ride Sharing service provider Lyft has pivoted towards offering On-demand delivery services in select few cities to start with in America.

With increase in Corona virus positive cases, health advisory have been recommending the practice of safe distancing. Due to this the ride sharing business has gone for a stall in recent couple of months and revenues have been going flat. Driver partners who work for Lyft are not regular employees of the startup due to which they are not entitled for any salary if there is no work for them. 

Amid all these, Lyft has launched an On-demand delivery services which would work towards pickup and delivery of essential items till the time lockdown continues. This service is quite different from the existing Uber's food delivery service. Lyft would primarily work with a few larger organizations to start with for delivering essential items to those who are advised for quarantine due to compromised immune system or are not having adequate transportation facilities for picking up essential food items. 

In this service, Lyft would partner with NGOs and Government agencies to help with the transportation of administrative essentials like medical supplies, food supplies and other essentials to help the states fight with corona virus pandemic. This service would help the startup maintain steady revenue stream to some extent and also to keep their riding partners engaged with them who would have switched to other service providers since they were not getting enough income due to stalled ride sharing operations.

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