Indians may soon get 11 Digit Mobile Number

With increase in Mobile Telecom subscribers in India, It's not too early to say that we would soon run out of 10 digit mobile numbers allocated to service providers in the country. Recently TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has proposed to DoT (Department of Telecom) to incorporate the introduction of 11 digit mobile numbers for the subscribers. 

Earlier, plans were proposed to move to "Unified Number Plan", however latest recommendation by TRAI suggests that it would involve a lot of structural changes in the telecom system and is not recommended at this stage. Introducing 11 Digit numbers would increase the capacity of numbers to 10 Billion numbers from current 1 Billion. 

Recommendations suggest that this change can be incorporated by the telecom service providers within a month time. Hence, 11 digit mobile numbers would be introduced shortly. In addition to 11 digit mobile numbers, recommendations have been also made towards the introduction of 13 digit mobile numbers for the SIM cards which are used only for internet data transmissions like SIM cards in Dongle or other devices which do not use voice calls through the sim. This may bring in more usage of machine to machine communication system and may also bring in more use case possibilities which may come up with future 5G adoption for machine to machine communication.

In addition to these major recommendations, TRAI has also made it mandatory to add zero "0" before dialing any mobile number from a landline. Earlier, users were not required to add zero for calling any mobile numbers. However the procedure for calling Mobile to Mobile, Landline to Landline or Mobile to Landline would remain unchanged.

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