Recent Facts and Figures of Dating Apps in India

In the past few years, there has been surge in online dating apps worldwide. Slowly, the next generation has started finding dating apps to be more useful than the lull matrimonial apps and websites which are primary used by their parents or family members to search a wannabe partner.

Though we have not yet reached a stage yet where dating apps are seen as a fully relied medium to find a life partner, Users are still finding it more effective to connect with a person of their interest, meet them in person based on mutual consent from both sides based on successful match and take decision whether to pursue it further or not. There have been increasing number of case studies where users found their partner on the dating apps, met each other and with time, went on to marry and live together for life. 

You can't blame gravity for falling in Love. - Albert Einstein

With these developments in the world, let us take a look upon some of the amazing facts and figures related to the Business of Life Partner search apps:

  • As per internal survey done by Dating app QuackQuack, out of every 100 profile views, a male user is likely to swipe LIKE for 35 profiles while a female user is likely to swipe LIKE only on 4 profiles out of those 100 views.
  • 60% users who create their profile in dating apps are willingly ready to upload their photographs on the platform while 40% users are still a bit reluctant to upload their photos on a dating app.
  • An active male user on an average logs in to the app 20 times a day while a female user logs in to the app 26 times a day.
  • A male user usually chats with 10 users on an average while a female user usually chats with 25 users.

Now coming to certain new Innovations in this area:

With Covid-19 pandemic imposing lockdown across the world, dating services like FilterOff has started Video dating where you can instantly have a 90 second video date/chat with the person instead of plain old text chats.

With this I find, Dating Apps have come a long way out and have evolved with proper branding and Product Development efforts. Gone are those days where a dating app used to give an imagery associated in  similar lines to some creepy social networking website where you would find filthy male users trying to sneak in, to stalk and chat with female users and this really made the female users to be apprehensive from using such platforms in first place, forget about uploading a profile photo. But with increasing premium branding efforts and robust reporting features supported by Dating Apps providers for someone who tries to misbehaves or tries to defeat the good purpose of using the app, these apps have started gaining a lot of traction in the market and are expected to continue growing.

Happy search for a life partner!

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