Recent List of Investors in Reliance Jio Platforms

Hey Friends, you would be reading a lot already about recent investments in Reliance's Telecom and Tech arm JIO Platforms. The ongoing developments of new Investors coming in to invest in Jio Platforms is part of Reliance's long term sustainable strategy of becoming debt free by 2025 which it announced last year during its Annual General Meeting.

Let us take a look at the list of Investors, the platform has garnered as per recent developments:

Last Updated: 8th June 2020

1. Mubadala:

Abu Dhabi based Mubadala is investing ₹9,093.60 crore translating to 1.85% stake.

2. Facebook:

Facebook is going to invest ₹ 43,574 crore for 9.9% stake

3. Silver Lake:

Silver Lake is set to invest ₹ 10,202.5 crore for a stake 2.08%.

4. Vista:

Vista Equity Partners has invested ₹ 11,367 crore against 2.32% in the company.

5. General Atlantic:

General Atlantic would be investing ₹ 6,600 crore for 1.34% stake in the company

6. KKR:

KKR is investing ₹ 11,367 crore translating to 2.32% stake.

7. ADIA:

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is investing ₹ 5683.5 crore amounting to 1.16% stake.

So overall, at this moment approx 20% stakes have been diluted to raise close to ₹ 97,885.65 crore.

I would try to keep this page updated as per latest developments. Thanks for reading.

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