Cancer – Worldwide Facts and Figures on deadly disease

I have seen many people die due to Cancer every year. I have been hearing about deaths due to cancer since my childhood and still today. In-spite of more than several decades of medical research on cancer, still we have not been able to win the war over cancer.

Hence I am on a mission to spread more awareness on the medical topics so that more and more people can be made aware. The key to win a war is preparedness, half of the war is won there itself. Hence if more and more know about Cancer, possibly they would get started with their treatment well in advance. Early stage cancer can be treated well compared to cancer detected in Later stages.

Here are some of the notes based on my reading:

Key Facts and Figures about Cancer 

  1. Every year 9+ Million people die due to Cancer globally. (In Indian numeric format, it translates to whooping 90 Lakhs deaths a year).
  2. 1 out of every 6 death around the world is due to Cancer. This means 16.67 deaths out of every 100 deaths are due to Cancer. Way so much lethal isn’t it?
  3. Some of the behavior observed in those deaths were:
    • High Body Mass Index
    • Low Fruit and Vegetable Index
    • Lack of Physical activity
    • Tobacco and Alcohol intake
  4. Tobacco is responsible for 22% of the Cancer related deaths.
  5. Most common type of Cancer in Cancer related deaths in the order of high to low are as follows:
    • Lung Cancer
    • Colorectal Cancer (P.S. Colon & rectum are part of Intestine – Digestive system)
    • Stomach Cancer
    • Liver Cancer
    • Breast Cancer

Cancer Cell representation

Early detection based on evidence is the key to treat Cancer, however Let us also explore 

How to prevent Cancer?

  1. Avoid Tobacco usage in any form, Throw Cigarettes out of your and your family’s lives.
  2. Avoid Alcohol consumption.
  3. Unhealthy diets should be avoided, Increase intake of fruit and vegetables within your diet.
  4. If you are obese, or with unusual Body Mass Index (BMI), make it your life’s priority to exercise and get fit and fab.
  5. Don’t think that if your BMI is normal, then you need not work on physical activity. Physical activity is must.
  6. Vaccinate yourself against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and hepatitis B virus.
  7. Stay away from occupations involving ionizing or ultraviolet radiations
  8. Air pollution can have deterring effect on your health. Check what can be done in this case to have clean air in your surroundings or if nothing can be done, shift to a safer region keeping in mind your safety of your family’s future.
  9. Do not create any indoor smoke, use non-pollutant and cleaner forms of energy. Avoid smoke inside your house or workplace.

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