Some developments on DNA based Targeted Medication

With global pandemic situation due to Covid-19, recently I too lost one of my close college friend due to Covid-19. He could not get effective ailment due to infrastructure delays in getting timely hospital bed and ventilator support. This is not to blame anyone since Covid pandemic is so unpredictable and the whole world is trying its best to clear out all kind of inefficiencies in Healthcare. However I decided to do my part in sharing my little understanding about Medical Science and associated technologies. I would be happy if the articles help form the base of any student or researchers in this area of interest.

One of the topic of my interest is DNA based Targeted Medication or Treatment for critical illness treatment. I have been thinking through it since a while. Let us explore further:

Sample DNA Image

Take a look at some of the vision/research around DNA based treatment in healthcare:

  • DNA Sequence based treatment: Future medical technology is envisioned with scene where if you are admitted to a hospital, you would be admitted along with USB storage device which would hold your genetic sequences. Once you get admitted, the medical staffs would plug in the storage device to the medical system and can view your genetic composition, medical history, personal information, etc. In this way, medical specialist having your data about genetic factors, epigenetics, social circumstances, lifestyle and personal information including family history can provided a more targeted medication to effectively treat your illness. This shall surely help in doing faster diagnosis of the illness and reduce deaths due to delays in identification of the root cause. [Credits

  • DNA Vaccination: Researchers have been working towards development (with good success so far as per research results) to produce DNA Vaccines to target certain specific disease like Dengue [Reference] and Cancer [Reference] . Though DNA Vaccines are said to be having less immune response, researchers of DNA Vaccine for Dengue have explored some ways of levaraging techniques such as Electroporation to try to improve immune response. Similarly researchers of DNA Vaccine for Cancer have tried ways to improve immune response by combining the therapy with other complementary therapies to improve the activity.

This suggests there to be a lot of scope of further research in the area of Targeted DNA based Medication/Vaccination which can help mankind someday.

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