Now Search for songs by humming it in Google

Google recently announced its new additional on search features. One of the most notable and innovative addition is on Music Search. Now you can search for a music using Google, just by humming some extracts from the Song, that too in your own voice.

This new feature has been made possible with the help of its ever improving Machine Learning algorithm. Google search has ingested millions of popular songs in its data lake and trained the system to search for any song. On Technical Implementations side, every song's tune & melody has been converted to a digital fingerprint in the form of bits. This digital fingerprint acts as a signature of that particular song.

With the latest Google app, when you search for a music by humming its tune, the same tune & melody is converted to a smaller digital fingerprint and searches for a matching signature across all the songs within its cloud based music library comprising of more than a million songs.

If you haven't tried this feature out yet, Just head on to you Google App in your Mobile phone and say "Hey Google, What's this song?" and just hum its tune.

Voila! within a fraction of seconds, You will be presented with numerous songs having close match to your tune.

But yeah, do ensure to sing properly to get better match.

Hope you liked this update, Stay tuned for more such news. See Ya!

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