How to add blogger sitemap to index more than 26 posts

How to add blogger sitemap to index more than 26 posts?

Today morning, when I was checking through my mail, I found a mail by one of my reader whose name is ‘Dr Pradeep Singh’ as mentioned in the sender’s name of the email. Well actually the email was in Hinglish (Hindi + English) so a rough transcript of the email that Dr Pradeep sent to me is as follows:

    I am a leisure time blogger and an avid reader of your blog speaking technology at In your contact page, you have written that the readers can ask their questions. I wanted to ask - how to add the sitemap of my blogspot blog to the webmasters tool? I am facing problem after submitting the blog feeds. The problem is – it is showing that the number of submitted posts is 26 though my blog contains 33 posts. I would be glad if you figure out the problem in this case.
Thanking you,
A blogger.

Well I thought rather than simply replying to this mail, I should convert it into a blog post, so I am writing this post.

In this case, I should make it clear that whenever you submit your blog feeds as your sitemap in Google’s webmasters tools, you will find that it will indicate that only 26 posts have been submitted. In this case if your blog is having more than 26 posts, then they are not submitted in the sitemap of Google’s webmaster tools. From my experience of blogging, I have found that in some cases, the older posts do not get indexed by Google, but in some cases, if your blog has earned reputation in front of Google, then the older posts are also automatically indexed through some other means which is present within the Google’s ever changing search algorithms.

Well now i should tell you the solution to this problem. To submit more than 26 posts to your sitemap of Google’s webmaster tools, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google’s webmaster tools.
  2. Go to your blog’s profile for which you want to add the sitemap.
  3. Now click on “add sitemap”.
  4. Now, enter the following in the box which shows up in front of you to add the sitemap.


If suppose, your blogger blog address is

then the sitemap that you submitted should be

Note: If you have more than 500 posts, then you have to submit more sitemaps as follows, by replacing the numbers in the above sitemap.
and so on...

This method works completely well for blogger based blogs. I am also using this approach and it works perfectly. If you have any queries, then you can comment below. Also if you have any other queries, then you can use the contact page of my blog.


  1. Tarun Goyal12/27/2011

    Thanks man, this works well. Nice blog, bookmarked it.

  2. Keep visiting... Will continue to post related topics.

  3. thanx a lot ......this was really helpfull i used this sitemap when only 26 of my 30 posts were being indexed....but then i added about 10 new post total 40....& i checked webmasters to see if all are indexed but only precious 30 were indexed so i tried submittig this sitmap again but this time it just not takes any time as soon as i submit it shown 40 as submitted & 30 as indexed withn 10 seconds....there is no pending or processing option shown to show its in process....pls help me i dont even know why why its not even taking time to process soon as i submit the sitemap shows 30 indexed immediately...i hope u understand waht it means...pls help...would be greatly thankfull

    1. indexing takes time. even for my blog too, webmaster tools is showing 176 posts indexed out of 189 posts submitted

  4. yups buddy, it works perfectly, prevoiusly i added the same link/sitemap but it gives me error , i deleted that code and now when i putted this one, it works perfect...good work..


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