Google TV Features & Review – Advantage over Internet TV

Google TV Features & Review – Advantage over Internet TV.

In October Google had announced its launch of TV which will be called as Google TV. Well actually as announced by Google Inc, its TV will be launched in collaboration with many other companies like Sony for television setup, Intel for chip fabrication and Logitech for other computer and TV related hardware needed to be assembled.

Let’s take a look on what this Google TV can offer to us which other simple TV cannot.

As we know that Google is not less than the king of internet. So how can it forget to include the feature due to which it exists in the world? Yes I am talking about the so called term ‘Internet’, you guessed right, Google TV will be having internet facility which also features connectivity using Wi-Fi adaptor. Basically Google TV is similar to all internets TV available in the market now days.

So using this internet option, you can enjoy your access to facebook, twitter and any other websites or social networking websites. You can also access YouTube videos and watch them on your television.

Unlike other internet TV where you were allowed to do one work at a time, here you can use the dual view mode and can use both chat and web search side by side to watching television at the same instant of time.

Since this television is having the term ‘TV’ in its name so it also covers the complete feature of a high end television with improved screen resolution and high audio and video quality which is tailor made to enhance the user experience of using this product. Like the apps you used in your android phones, you can also use various apps exclusively available for the Google TV users.

Similar to other televisions, Google TV can also be controlled using an infrared remote control. Moreover, in this device, you can use your mobile as remote control after installing the required apps. And if you want to save your mobile battery, then you can go along the traditional way of separate remote.

One most important feature of this television is that it has been integrated with the Google’s own search engine which allows you to browse for the television programs and videos which you want to watch or are interested in. You can also use this TV with search engine to search for the recorded TV events and programs of some specific channels as per your subscription plans with the dish network provider.

Talking about some of its specific internet related features, you can use ‘In Private Browsing’ feature which you use in internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can also customize your home screen and can set your favourite websites, video channels, applications etc. You can also save bookmarks for future viewing and can also set the browser to remember the history of browsing for future usage.

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