New G-Pad Review : Google+ App for iPad users

New G-Pad Review : Google+ App for iPad users.

Google+ is currently growing very fast and is expected to surpass the number of facebook users soon. Though Google+ has not made any additions in the number of features since its launch as compared to facebook which has added so many features like subscribe button and timeline profile, but still Google is
getting much more response mostly because it has got a +1 button and Google Inc is taking its social networking site very seriously since these +1 recommendations are going to impact the search engine rankings of various websites depending upon the G-plus users recommendations.

Well in this post we are going to uncover the features of a newly launched iPad app for the Google+ users. Well this iPad app has not been developed by Google but it is by the same developer who had designed MyPad which is one of the famous app for facebook users.

Well this G-pad app is nothing but a similar version of the twitter for iPad containing the function menus on the sidebars of the webpage. Actually this app compiles up the complete web version of Google plus into a small app with some special features like swipe navigation and pull down feature to refresh. You can use this app in both portrait and landscape modes

Using this app, you can browse through the stream, circles, timeline, profile, photos using its beautiful albums and galleries and even Gmail using the quick links within the app. You can also connect this app to twitter and view its timeline, messages, mentions, etc. Similar to its web version, you can also some of the popular games with your friends, which include Poker, Tiny Zoo, Tiny Chef, Mob Empire, etc

Currently Google developers have not made any iPad app for Google plus users. One reason behind this may be that Google is considering more on its Android App development. Though I can’t comment on this more because I am not associated with Google or its management..lol, but we can expect that Google Inc will also work on development of this kind of app using the Google API.

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