Prevent Nokia Ovi Suite to start at every startup

Prevent Nokia Ovi Suite to start at every startup.

If you have bought a Nokia phone and using connecting data cables to connect it to your computer or laptop for data transfer or media transfer or internet usage, then i am sure you might have installed the Nokia Ovi suite software developed by the Nokia company itself to accomplish all your above mentioned tasks.

Let me tell what happened with me while using this software. I installed the Nokia Ovi suite using the software CD given to me within my mobile phone package. I connected the data cable with my phone and computer, and then did some of my work like media files transfer and some data sync. Then after I finished my work, I made my computer system to shut down and went on to sleep. Now next day when I started the computer, I found the desktop loading time has been increased by a few seconds.

I went on to check and found that the Nokia Ovi suite program is being shown on the taskbar and it is getting automatically started at every boot or every startup.

So the question arises is how to prevent the nokia ovi suite program to get started at every boot. Luckily i found the solution to this problem and sharing it with you in this post. To disable the automatic startup of Nokia Ovi suite, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Double click the nokia ovi suite program on the taskbar. The window will get opened in front of you.
  2. Now go for the menu and click on the ‘tools’ menu.
  3. On the tools menu click the ‘options...’.
  4. Now the options window for ovi suite will open up.
  5. On the ‘general’ tab of the options dialog box, you will find the first option as checkbox asking “Start Nokia Ovi Suite automatically when the computer starts up”. Just uncheck that option and click on OK button.
  6. Now the nokia ovi suite will not start automatically at every startup.

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