Get 3D Graphics in Browser with Google Maps GL without any software

Get 3D Graphics in Browser with Google Maps GL without any software.

Reportedly Google has launched its most awaited service related to 3D technology in Google Maps. Now the long time wait is over since Google Maps has launched its Web GL with the brand name of Google MapsGL. According to the official post at Google Blog, WebGL is a new technology with the help of which
the user can enjoy the experience of 3 Dimensional Graphics within their browser. Ans most importantly there is no need of downloading any special pluggin or software to work with Google Maps GL.

This WebGL technology uses the web graphics library (which has been abbreviated as WebGL) and creates rich visual graphics and animations. Using this service which has been started from 13-October-2011, you will be able view 3D imagery of the buildings in much better way than it was previously. Not only this, you can enjoy smooth transition between the imagery and can instantly switch or so called ‘swoop’ into the street view.

Earlier this kind of 3D acceleration was possible only in the Desktop PC, but now using this new technology thanks to Google Maps, we can enjoy an enriching experience while viewing the world from different angles in Google Maps.

To use this service which has been already started 2 days back, you can simply visit the Google Maps at http://maps.google.com and click on the “try it now” link for trying the beta version of Google Maps. You can also directly go there by visiting the direct link at http://maps.google.com/gl

For more info on this release you can also see what Google have to say on this video released by the Official Google team.

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