3 Phase Inverter Simulation using Simulink

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It’s been so long since I posted my last blog, so just wanted to update the blog with another post on Power Electronics. Since last few months, I am getting lots of email from fellow students related to the multilevel inverter simulink model which is there on my blog since a long time. So In this blog post, I thought of sharing the Simulink Model of a 3 phase Inverter which I prepared yesterday just to refresh my Power Electronics Fundamental.

The 3 phase Inverter which I prepared in Simulink runs in 180 degree conduction Mode. You can find the circuit in the image given below (Click on the image to enlarge):

3 Phase Inverter 180 degree Conduction Mode Simulink Model

The Output 3 phase waveforms as visible in Simulink scope can be seen in the image given below:

3 Phase Inverter 180 degree Conduction Mode Output Waveforms

The pulses given to the IGBTs are in accordance with 180 degree conduction mode as per the diagram shown below:

3 Phase Inverter IGBT Pulses for 180 degree conduction mode

For more information, you can download the original Simulink file from here

[Download Link]

Hope this simulation helps you. For any clarifications, you can comment below.

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